Michigan Digital Traffic Net


The MIDTN meets at 8:00PM Local Time (0000Z) on Tuesdays,Thursdays & Saturday's.
H.F. 3.583.0 MHZ USB | (Primary) 80 Meters
H.F. 7.043.0 MHZ USB | (Alternate)  40 Meters
Using  "Olivia" 8/500
Or Alternate Frequency below.
Procedures Alternate NET Frequency
The NET will be called on the Primary Frequency of 3.583.0 MHZ USB  IF no checkins after 10 minutes, The NET will be called again at 15 minutes past normal time on Alternate 7.043.0 MHZ USB

To leave me a e-mail pse use W8DW@QSL.NET

At NET time and after Traffic is Passed we hold a round table discussion w/ comments from all.

This WEB SITE is dedicated to Larry Smith (KB8GT) it was his Dream!


There will be no Saturday Nets on weekends where a holiday falls on a Monday.